Question Existence! Question Reality! Humankind is Being Manipulated!


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In 2969 the Dimensional Gateway is built. Mysterious Obelisks arrive on Earth. Humankind faces Oblivion!
Theron Mobius has worked his entire life on a Dimensional Gateway that will propel humankind into a new era of space travel. When it’s sabotaged by a mysterious entity, he uncovers a plot against humanity that’s been underway for millennia.

Theron is driven against all odds to stop the entity, only to discover he’s an integral part of the entity’s sinister plan. Together with a small group of travelers, he must journey across galaxies in search of an ancient Guardian of the universe.

If he fails, humankind will face oblivion.


“Truly epic space opera, on a Peter Hamilton type scale, makes ‘Mobius’ our Book of the Week.” –SCIFI365.NET

“Vale has written a true space opera, with a dizzying number of characters and concepts.” —

“…a boldly expansive space adventure.” –

“A fanciful sci-fi novel…” –Kirkus Reviews


Science Fiction / Space Opera


© 2012-2021 VINCENT VALE. All Rights Reserved. SCIENCE FICTION
© 2012-2021 VINCENT VALE. All Rights Reserved. SCIENCE FICTION